Hey Everyone!

It’s been a good while, and I’m working at the zoo doing some caricatures and face painting. It’s really fun, and I get to work with many types of people and draw them! I also wanted to include some art with this post, so I did some fan art recently. My friends are working on making a Poke’mon/Game of Thrones mix, so I’ve been working on some creative shield designs. Perfect timing with the new Poke’mon game coming out in October, too!

Hope you’re all having fun!

-Amanda ‘Pandu’ Wallenhorst



About panda3291

Hello! I am a very dedicated art graduate from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh who is interested in most things to do with the art field. Currently, I've been working with digital commissions, comic artwork, and my customer service skills are on point! I would love to find more people to work with as a team, and I'll gladly network with you and answer any questions you have that I may be able to help with! Thanks!
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