I’m in such an art block, haha! I’m coming up with cute stuff, but I reaaaallly need to focus on my realism. This practice stuff can be pretty frustrating sometimes. xD


Anywho, this pic is something I worked on a lil bit ago as a random gift and for my own practice. It’s not my character at all, and yes, I did show the artist what I was doing before working on it more. It’s just a gift. For them. For fun. 🙂 I’m working with blending, and it’s coming along pretty well! But! As always, it’s still really cartoony compared to what I’d like to aim for.

In other news, WE FOUND THE WIRELESS MOUSE! One large step toward having our new computer ready for me to 3d forever!



About panda3291

Hello! I am a very dedicated art graduate from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh who is interested in most things to do with the art field. Currently, I've been working with digital commissions, comic artwork, and my customer service skills are on point! I would love to find more people to work with as a team, and I'll gladly network with you and answer any questions you have that I may be able to help with! Thanks!
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