Working Hard?


CTN was great! I got to meet so  many new people and learn quite a bit of new stuff. I also plan on joining up with Chris Oatley’s site and hope to get some mentorships or something.

I may even steer towards some Schoolism classes if I can save up enough as well! But as it stands, I’m saving for those, so in the meantime, please welcome Ellie! She’s my new character, and I am working on pre-planning one big comic adventure for her! It may take me a bit to get done, but I already have at least 15 pages planned, so I intend to post multiple at once. Patience please! But I am alive!



About panda3291

Hello! I am a very dedicated art graduate from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh who is interested in most things to do with the art field. Currently, I've been working with digital commissions, comic artwork, and my customer service skills are on point! I would love to find more people to work with as a team, and I'll gladly network with you and answer any questions you have that I may be able to help with! Thanks!
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