Easter is coming!


I’ve been doing so many cartooned pet bunny commissions! Easter is coming! Beware of attack rabbits!


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I’ve been posting about business card design quite a bit, but realized I don’t have much up on here that I feel is finished enough to show. Here is just a very small piece of one of the ones I’m working on for those of you interested! It’s just an unfinished mock up of something in Photoshop for today, but it at least shows some creative workflow!

Post again soon!

-Amanda Wally

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Site Details

It’s been a very long time since I have updated this page, and I did consider getting rid of or abandoning this website all together, but I’ve decided to keep it!

This wordpress has so many of my older works that show my growth as an artist and feature some of my better illustrations and designs, and I think that is something that can help push me to continue my adventure through the artist field.

Thanks to anyone who has stopped by to check on me and my work! You can also view more at My Weasyl or view my silly slice of life styled comics on My Tapas comic, How Convenient!

I’ll be posting more soon!

-Amanda Wally

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Recent Activities

Hello all!

Lately I’ve been working on Bobby Chiu’s Creature Painting class while taking many dog portrait commissions! I also have a Poke’mon themed comic running on multiple sites that is up to 100+ pages!

I’m looking for any tips on fur for this guy here:BAM-pugglemix

He’s been giving me a lil bit of a rough time when it comes to subtleness with extra fur detail due to how many soft color changes he’s got going on.




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I know I haven’t updated this in a loooong while, so just as a heads up, I’m working on a comic that you can find here: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/1024331/coming-soon

It’s more of a fan comic based on poke’mon, so it’s not really for a job, just for myself.

Otherwise, I’m working on assignments for Bobby Chiu’s Creating Creatures class on schoolism! A friend was very nice and bought me a 9 month self-taught class! It’s pretty awesome, but yes, I am still “arting,” no worries!


Amanda Wally

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Valentines Day!


Hey everyone! Happy V-day!

I’m working on adding texture to my work, but I’m still kinda blah right now with it.
I’m also searching for work! Wish me luck!


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Agh. I know I apologize a good bunch for not posting fast enough, and once again I’m sorry. I do have a story behind what’s going on lately, and I know–no excuses, but hear me out.

I’m struggling with enormous bills from Sallie Mae (or Navient) each month, needing a new job (new one is increasing stress and demanding quite a bit for too little pay….at least…that’s what I’ve been advised), and now I got my cold of the year! WOOOO!

I’m working on sketching in my sketch book, but I’m also working on these crazy new tasks popping up in life…Yup! Life happens, guys.

Still, I wish all of you a New Year, Merry Christmas, and good luck!

Sincerely Sniffles,

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